Symbolic AI – Deep and Surface Structure Trees

Finally, you get to see a tree 😀

This post will cover the basics of what Deep and Surface Structure trees are, as well as a little bit on moved words – only little though!

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Algorithms – Traversals


What is a traversal? It’s when you visit every node of a tree or graph using the edges.

Tree traversal

Let’s talk about 3 methods of traversing trees (Note: Always start at the root)

  • Depth-First-Search: Visit all the descendants of a node before visiting the sibling nodes. You have to visit some nodes more than once in a DFS, this is called backtracking
  • Breadth-First-Search: Visit all children of a node before visiting sibling nodes
  • Priority Search: Nodes are given priorities, and the children of the node that haven’t been visited yet with the highest priority are visited first

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Algorithms – Trees

So what exactly is a Tree in programming?

Well, it is not a tree that you see every day when you walk through a park 😛

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