Nida’s Awesome Distributed Systems Notes

Hi everyone,

My name’s Nida and I wrote some really awesome notes that James even uploaded to his webspace for me – but I forgot to put the link on the blog! Gah! Silly me!

Here’s the link to them.



This is going to be a very quick post, mainly because so many people have asked me what ACID means.

This post applies to a lot of topics / modules; but mainly to Databases and Distributed Computing.

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Distributed Computing – SOAP

No, this post is not about the slippery block of nice smelling soap! SOAP in Distributed Computing is another form of message exchanging between peers, and here we describe how it does this.

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Service Oriented Architecture – Part (2/2)

This is the second part to SOA’s, in this post we’ll have a look at Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM’s) and other various things to finish of this section.

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