Representation State Transfer – REST

Now for the final section about these architectures. This post will cover the aspects concerning the REST Architecture. It really simple to grasp the concept of it, so lets take a look!

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Distributed Computing – SOAP

No, this post is not about the slippery block of nice smelling soap! SOAP in Distributed Computing is another form of message exchanging between peers, and here we describe how it does this.

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Service Oriented Architecture – Part (2/2)

This is the second part to SOA’s, in this post we’ll have a look at Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM’s) and other various things to finish of this section.

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Service Oriented Architecture – Part (1/2)

Over the next – possibly – 2 or 3 posts, i am going to be posting about SOA, Services and MOM’s. Then they’ll be a post about SOAP, then finally one about REST. All of which are Architectures for Computing in their own right.

However, this post will mark the start – explaining in detail what SOA really is, what a Service is, as well as MOM’s (i will try a reframe from ‘ya mom’ jokes)  🙂

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Distributed Systems – Complete Summary

This post is best displayed as a .pdf file which can be found HERE.

Distributed Systems

A complete revision summary by James Bedford.

This summary now contains everything.

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Algorithms – The 0/1 Knapsack Problem – Dynamic Programming method

Okay, I didn’t see that James had made a video about the very same subject. Great minds think alike I guess? Sigh. Well, here it is: The Dynamic Programming method for solving a 0/1 Knapsack Problem explained, in depth, by me in under 11 minutes!

Bug 1: Ignore the “The cell with the green circle around has a capacity of” blah blah etc. because I uploaded the wrong version ._. The green circle should be around cell (3,1).
Bug 2: I circle item ‘1’ when I should circle item ‘3’ at the end when we’re going through the keep array. I fail.
Bug 3: I say ‘2’ somewhere instead of ‘3’. See if you can spot it.

Sorting – Quick Sort

A post dedicated to that oh so famous, Quick sort! ^^

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Sorting – Merge Sort

A post all about the Merge sort 😀

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Shortest Path – Dijkstra’s Algorithm

We’ve all used those horrible SATNAV’s to get from one place to another. But how do they calculate the path we must follow in order to minimize the time needed.

This is a shortest distance problem, which shall be covered in this post via Dijkstra’s Algorithm.

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Algorithms – Quick Graph Terminology

This post will be brief. It just contains a load of terminology for parts of graphs, such as:

  • Spanning Trees
  • Back Edges
  • etc…

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