Cocoa Framework Summary

A summary by James Bedford.

Cocoa is a framework of tools used for software development written in Objective-C, featuring modular, object-oriented and visual design. It was originally called NextSTEP and was developed by the company NeXT. When NeXT merged with Apple in 1996, the framework NextSTEP was renamed Cocoa. However, it still remains that all objects within this framework begin with the prefix “NS”, which helps to distinguished them and prevent accident errors.

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Objective-C Programming Language Summary

A summary by James Bedford.

Objective-C is an extension to the C programming language developed in the early 1980s. It is used in all Apple products including Mac and iPhone software development. Originally referred to as “C with messaging”, the primary aim of Objective-C is to introduce object oriented programming to C, and achieves this using a different approach to C++ or C#.

I’ve got no time for messing about, so here’s s summary of the entire language, assuming you already understand object oriented programming (OOP) concepts and a thorough understanding of C (because I’m not going to explain anything that’s the same as C). Example code (as infrequent as it may be) is written between quotation marks. This may get a little confusing at times, so try and stick with it (maybe copying and pasting the inside of quotes may help). The example code will always be a single line of the program.

This page is also going to be updated as I continue to summarize the language. Please let me know if anything needs clarifying, or if there are any problems with the notes. Read more of this post

C Guide – Comments

Comments are very important in programming. Could you imagine what you would do if you wrote a program that was hundreds of lines long, and you forgot what a certain function did? or what that variable was for?!

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C Guide – Variables

We’ve all done Maths in high school, so you should know what a variable is? Say you had the formula:

2x+3 = 11

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C Guide – Hello World!

I was sat here, in my room – fairly bored to be honest… 🙂 – and i started thinking, wouldn’t it be cool to write a C guide to help people! 😀

This is my first time ever to attempt something like this, so it could turn out reeally bad, or really well – who knows!

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