String Searching – The Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithm

We’ve seen how to do the naive approach towards pattern matching. So what about other algorithms that are much more better at doing this task? This is the Knuth-Morris-Pratt (KMP) algorithm for pattern matching.

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String Searching – The Naive Approach

We all should all know what string searching is. We have a pattern p and some string s, and we wish to see if p exists in s. There are a number of ways to do this, and this is one of those many ways; the naive approach.

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Computer Vision – The Integral Image

The Integral Image or Summed Area Table, was first introduced to us in 1984, but wasn’t properly introduced to the world of Computer Vision till 2001 by Viola and Jones with the Viola-Jones Object Detection Framework.

The Integral Image is used as a quick and effective way of calculating the sum of values (pixel values) in a given image – or a rectangular subset of a grid (the given image).

It can also, or is mainly, used for calculating the average intensity within a given image. If one wants to use the Integral Image, it is normally a wise idea to make sure the image is in greyscale first.

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Software Engineering – Summary

I didn’t make these, but Nida has kindly made a summary for software engineering and asked me to publish it, so here it is! Read more of this post

Distributed Systems – Special 1st Year Version

Distributed Systems

A 1st Year Revision Summary by James Bedford

This revision summary is best viewed as a .pdf, which is available here.

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Symbolic AI – Deep and Surface Structure Trees

Finally, you get to see a tree 😀

This post will cover the basics of what Deep and Surface Structure trees are, as well as a little bit on moved words – only little though!

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Symbolic AI – Basic Lambda Calculus 2

This is the second part to the Basic Lambda Calculus 1. In this we’ll go through a proper example.

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Symbolic AI – Basic Lambda Calculus 1

This post will explain some of the basics of Lambda Calculus, mainly Alpha-Conversion and Beta-Reduction. We’ll also see a quick example of a simple sentence.

This post is being written with me being slightly ill… so some bits may make no sense whatsoever – sorry 😦

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Nida’s Awesome Distributed Systems Notes

Hi everyone,

My name’s Nida and I wrote some really awesome notes that James even uploaded to his webspace for me – but I forgot to put the link on the blog! Gah! Silly me!

Here’s the link to them.


This is going to be a very quick post, mainly because so many people have asked me what ACID means.

This post applies to a lot of topics / modules; but mainly to Databases and Distributed Computing.

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