Globalisation – Skepticism


There are plenty of people who doubt that we live in a globalised society. There are 9 main points to their arguments. This post will outline each of the points in turn.

Globalisation isn’t a new thing

The most famous text to give this argument is ‘Globalization in Question‘ by Hirst and Thompson. One of their main points is that international trade has been around in history for a while and isn’t new. You might they say have a point. Spices and fabrics and things of that nature have been shipped all over the world for centuries. The banana was first brought to Britain in the 1800s. Read more of this post


Globalisation – Introduction

Introduction to globalisation

Globalisation (Note: You might see it spelt with a ‘Z’.. American spelling) is pretty much the spread of a uniformity that eliminates cultural nuances and creates a standardisation.

Think about 40 years ago. If you lived in the UK, were out and wanted a hamburger, the only available fast food chain was Wimpy, famed for it’s horribly named ‘Bender Burger’. But basically, that was the only place you could go. And it was innately British: The food came with a knife and fork, and on a plate. I wasn’t born back then but I can only assume it completed the British theme by having the food brought to you by a comically rude waiter who is inexplicably upper class. Basil Fawlty was probably involved. But what I’m trying to get at is that it was definitely a British thing. Read more of this post