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I am currently studying Electrical Engineering in Computer Science at MIT.

So, lets see… Hmmm… OH, before anybody else says it this blog was MY idea! honest, ask anybody! Well, okey, trust is Dan got the idea first waaaaaay back in college on his blog at then i came along in first year of uni and created my blog for computer science material revision notes 😀 Then together we both – well, I – came up with the idea to create this blog!
Its bigger and better! has more authors and covers more subjects 😀

On top of that i also play World of Warcraft -called Badgerati (draenai shammy 80 elly) on Executus!!! yeah… i sold my life to Blizzard 😦 Well, okay, to be honest i stopped playing WoW about 5 months ago – but now my mates are trying to force me to come back, its not fair i tell you! 😥 I am seriously tempted to go back to WoW though, for Cataclysm…

I do play GuildWars as well, but not that much…

On top of aaaall of that, im an Anime/Manga loving freak 😀 im currently watching Soul Eater which is awesome 🙂

Ive made loads of games, too many to list here =/   but the majority of them were made in DarkBASIC Proffessional, a Games Programming language ive been using for yeeeeears! But for now, im trying to master my skills in making games in C++, and hopefully, when i get my new computer – UDK and 3DS MAX 🙂

More future projects include trying to write an interpreter for my own programming language, its going to be in either Java or C#, i made one last year when i was revising Java as it really helped me understand maps and trees more 😀 but im hearing that C# could be a looot better, haha!

Other random details about me include my awesome fascination in drawing stick-men 😀 i love to draw em, i mainly draw them when bored in my lectures, and trust me, that happens far too often! Ive got loads of stick people though, ranging from Stick-Jedi to Stick-Warlocks to even a Stick-man version of my WoW Shaman character o_O

Anyway, I shall be off, have fun using the blog for help. And if you need any further, feel free to drop off a comment or email!



Hi, I’m Shaun.

Here are all the posts by me on here

This is my twitter profile. You can add me on facebook if you want but I don’t really use it much. You can also find me on iChat/AIM at and I’m on skype as donnels8.

I’m a second year ‘studying’ Computer Science with Business & Management.

I like movies, Apple, apples, dogs and Glee.

If you see me in uni come and say hi


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