Nida’s Awesome Distributed Systems Notes

Hi everyone,

My name’s Nida and I wrote some really awesome notes that James even uploaded to his webspace for me – but I forgot to put the link on the blog! Gah! Silly me!

Here’s the link to them.


2 Responses to Nida’s Awesome Distributed Systems Notes

  1. Hahaha I don’t know the link either Nida! So if you ever do find it out let me know….! :S


    • Badgerati says:

      Hang on, wait. Are you saying these notes have been lost and are out there, somewhere, floating around aimlessly in the infinite vastness that is the Digital Sea? I’ll have a look and see if I can track them down; I should, probably, hopefully, still have a copy lurking around somewhere. If not, I’d be surprised if Nida doesn’t still have a copy?

      What is it that’s happened to them ,exactly?

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