Software Engineering – The Class Model

Hey everyone it’s Badgerati again 😀 Sorry i haven’t exactly posted anything in 3 weeks… But if everything goes to plan, there should be 3 updates tonight!

So, lets get them all started with Class Modelling! 🙂

What is a Class Model?

All class models really do is describe the static structure of the classes within a given system. Things can be things like:

  • Identity
  • Relationships
  • Attributes
  • and Methods

Furthermore, the activity of creating a class model is commonly known as structural modelling.


How do we Represent them?

So, how do we represent class models? Well, we represent them with class diagrams. For example:

What do they Describe?

A class model is the most fundamental model for a system to be done. This is because it describes what is changing within a system.

This can be simply viewed with a Design Class Diagram as the class model mainly specifies data structures and operations that the behavioural and functional models operate on. This leads me to the key feature (subject) of a class model – Classes.


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