Year 2010 – Happy New Year

Now for something completely different 🙂

I think i speak on behalf of everybody that posts on here: Me… duh; Dan, Nida, Shaun, Safder, James and David 😀


A Link to the Past

Now, please be kind to my young and yet drunk self… as stated, i am writing this post at.. yes… be it 1:33am in the morning, and yes, i am slightly wasted – but who cares! 😀


So, a quick look at the past. Well we had our ups and downs. Some of us got into second year uni with flying colours, some just managing to struggle – and we hope you’ve learnt from your ways 😉

Some of us, like my self, are entering the second year with a completely new course (i transferred to straight CS from CSwBM 🙂 )

The beginning of Second year was a good one, we had all the fun times of the freshers fairs again 😀 … which reminds, omg, im so sorry, congrats to all first year uni students who read this ^^

After a while we all started to hate Software Engineering – as it made no sense. and the same probably goes to some first years and Java, and omg, how can i forgot C, frick me that the worst taught course ever >.>


The Past is History, the Future is a Mystery and the Present is a Gift – That is why it is called the Present

Yes, i know, cheesy title rip off of one of the most awesome saying ever in Kung Fu Panda 😀

But, lets think about this for a moment,, what is happening right now… oh right… yeah… you;re probably all wasted, partying, forgetting about that thing called revision. But who gives a damn!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀


Back to the Future

Alas, i must mention this… even though this is a holiday, one must always remember your exams this January – but to be honest… at this moment in time, who really cares 😉


As from me, Happy New Year to everyone 🙂


About Badgerati
Computer Scientist, Games Developer, and DevOps Engineer. Fantasy and Sci-fi book lover, also founder of Cadaeic Studios.

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